Heritage Trails Partnership of the
Mississippi Gulf Coast

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Heritage Trails Partnership of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Connecting the Coast - One Trail at a Time

Heritage Trails Partnership is a group of citizens who advocate for and support the vision of a safe, coast-wide network of diverse trails that connect neighborhoods to businesses, schools, green spaces, and blue spaces where everyone can enjoy scenic, historic, educational, and natural areas. We believe a healthy physical and mental lifestyle is achievable through easy access to natural, safe outdoor spaces. Our accomplishments include: – Development & maintenance of the area’s only online catalog of local trails and group activities. – Promotion of and participation in local trail use events. – Collaboration with City, County, and State representatives as new trail-related projects, policies, and laws are implemented to ensure a pleasant, safe, and natural experience for trail users. – Participation in are health and safety fairs for children and adults to raise awareness about trail locations and encourage their frequent and responsible use. – Designation of the Mississippi Coastal Heritage Trail as a National Historic Trail and Part of the America’s Great Outdoors initiative. 


Trails Advocacy

We work diligently to ensure you have access to safe, easily accessible places & spaces.


MS Gulf Coast Trail Catalog

Your only official online guide to local trails.


Project Updates

We keep you abreast of current and proposed trail-related projects on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.



We collect funds that serve as “matching funds” for grants that put trails in place.


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