Bike Trails & Routes

Wonderful News:  John Paul Frerer Bicycle Safety Act Signed!
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Leisure & Historic Routes – Visit our community rides page for more information on group rides utilizing these routes.
City of Pascagoula Historic Bike Route
Bay St. Louis Historic Route
Bike Biloxi Route
Live Oak Bike Route (Ocean Springs)
Long Beach Bike Route

Mountain Bike Trails – Trails near Tuxachanie Creek off Hwy 15
DeSoto National Forest – Bethel MTB Trails
Couch Bike Trail
Briar Patch Bike Trail
Badlands Bike Trail
Paul’s Loop Bike Trail

Favorable Routes During Certain Times
Dedeaux Road
Seaway Road
Airport Road
Hewes Avenue
23rd Avenue
30th Avenue
Bike Biloxi Route
Live Oak Bike Route
Long Beach Bike Route

Local suppliers
Gulf Coast Bicycle Club
Cyclist Choice
ecoGeno Bike Shop
Competition Sports