Trail Talk – Enjoy the View

by Geneva Dummer

Paths and trails have always been a source of peace and tranquility for me.  Funny (inevitable?) that I now work for an organization committed to trails advocacy.  In any case, I thought you might enjoy some of the pictures I’ve taken while hiking.

Tishomingo National Park, MS



There’s something about taking a moment to appreciate where I’m going and where I’ve been that centers me.



Tishomingo National Park, MS


Taking in all the different textures and colors which frame it.

Appreciating its complex nature.

Wondering where it leads.

Not being terribly concerned about where you end up or how you get there.

Laramie, WY


Being equally intrigued by its intrinsic simplicity in other cases.

Allowing the comfort of uniformity to still inner turmoil.

Listening to the leaves rustle overhead…the crunch of them under your feet as you pass through.

Fort Collins, CO area (SR14)



Seeing the road less traveled from your well traveled vantage point.

Contemplating taking that route.

Weighing the pros & cons of that particular journey against another, safer route.


Needles, SD


Setting your sights on a goal.

Going for it.

Just because you can.

~ G